Decades of Tax Saving Experience

Building Our Company

In just a decade and a half, Alliance Tax Advisors has grown from a small team working large commercial properties in Texas to a multi-office national tax consultancy handling a spectrum of commercial properties across the country. Here’s how we’ve done it.



Laying a Foundation

Alliance Tax Advisors Founder Tony Comparin became involved in commercial real estate in the late 1980s and owned and managed a number of income-producing properties in the Dallas area. By the early 1990s, he recognized that his greatest strength was in property tax reduction and began working for a well-known Texas agency, providing services to many of the owners and managers with whom he used to compete.

In 2000, unimpressed with how that agency was being run, Tony set out to create a company that would focus on client service, one that would incentivize its agents to do their best work 100% of the time. Since then, Tony and his team have left no stone unturned in their ongoing commitment to deliver the very best results on every job.



In January 2001 Alliance Tax Advisors was created, serving 51 clients and representing $6.9 Billion in commercial property. It quickly became apparent that additional talent would be needed for the company to continue to provide the level of service to which it was committed.

In 2002, Curtis Yates joined the firm bringing with him a wealth of knowledge in appraisal techniques. Having owned a successful appraisal company for 5 years, Curtis is experienced in all facets of appraisal issues.


Atlanta Office Opens

By 2006, having experienced several years of steady growth, Alliance Tax Advisors was ready to expand to new markets. Tony reached out to a former colleague, Bill Miller, who had spent nearly 30 years working property taxes in the Southeastern Region of the country. Bill’s demonstrated commitment to excellence and extensive knowledge of local markets made him the perfect candidate to head up a new office in Atlanta, Georgia, that would service clients from Mississippi to Florida and the Carolinas.


Joe Comparin Joins the Team

In 2007, Tony’s son, Joseph Comparin, interviewed for a position on the Alliance Tax Advisors team at his father’s suggestion. He had just completed a business degree, and his performance in school combined with his experience observing his father at work, along with an inherited commitment to excellence, suggested he would be a great fit. His subsequent success has proven this and has since earned him a partnership in the company.


Michael Rogers Joins the Team and the Denver Office is Created

With the success of the 2008 tax year, it was once again time to expand the service area of Alliance Tax Advisors. Over the previous several years, Tony had developed a strong working relationship with Michael Rogers, a commercial appraiser and property tax professional with nationwide experience. Michael joined the team in February 2009 as the Regional Vice President, serving primarily the Western, Midwestern and Mountain states. Michael would eventually become responsible for properties throughout the U.S. and would be named Partner just a few years later.


Dane Lacey Joins the Team in Dallas

In 2010, Alliance Tax Advisors took another big step forward on its already successful path, deciding it was time to expand the team’s skillset. Dane Lacey brought to the table a wealth of knowledge and expertise, with many years of combined experience in both consulting and assessment. Dane has continued to play an instrumental role in expanding Alliance Tax Advisors’ national coverage, bringing in new Fortune 500 real estate clients in over a dozen states.

2010 - Present

Alliance Tax Advisor's Vision Statement

Our vision is that Alliance Tax Advisors will be nationally recognized as the premier professional property tax consulting firm in the eyes of our clients and employees. This will be accomplished by creating a culture of pride and passion with the ultimate balance between client service and the financial success of our employees and clients.

Building on Strength

Now more than 20 years in, Alliance Tax Advisors remains focused on client service, delivering results through innovative approaches to valuation and aggressive appeal negotiation. As we look to the future, we continue to seek out talented professionals dedicated to upholding the values that have been the foundation of our success–individuals whose experience and insight will expand and enhance Alliance Tax Advisors’ concentrated expertise in reducing tax liabilities for income-producing properties.

Our Roots Are in this Business

Our property tax professionals are career experts. They have been commercial real estate appraisers, brokers, owners, and managers for 10, 20, 40 years. They know the industry, they know the properties, they know the process, and they stand ready to put their expertise to work for you.

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